Mellow Kitchen!
Located at the heart of the European Institutions, the traditional pharmacy, converted into a savoury place, welcomes you to enjoy your favourite frozen yogurt and pancakes as well as flavourful Or coffee, juices and farm-fresh yogurt!
You can also hang out in our sweet room with a hot beverage or a refreshing drink. Have we mentioned there’s Wi-Fi and cooking books for you to read ?
Since 2013, our little foodtruck named the pink boule surprises everyone with its wonderful and unique form. It's tiny, pink and fits everywhere! What more can you ask for?
A birthday party, a wedding or an impromptu party just for fun? Inquire for the pink boule! The Mellow foodtruck is an unusual and customizable option for all your corporate or private events. Personalize your frozen yogurt with fresh fruits, home made sauces and delicious toppings such as biscuits, cuberdon as well brownies!
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Mellow offers frozen yogurts to sprinkle with quality toppings: fresh seasonal fruits, biscuit bits, chocolate chips, homemade syrups...
Customize your frozen yogurt to make it unique and savory! What is frozen yogurt? It's simply fresh yogurt with a little bit of sugar in it that's instantly frozen.
Our famous fluffy pancakes are made of ingredients sourced directly from farms and with a lot of love ! We serve them in the form of sweet or savoury sandwiches, and grilled to make them crispy and soft at the same time. Enjoy your sweet pancake sandwich with a homemade spread of your choice: Nutella, Speculoos, peanut butter or jam ! The savoury pancakes change often, depending on the season and Noémie’s mood, but you’ll always have 3 choices : meat, fish or veggie.
Sunday is pancakes day !
Once a month, come eat our fabulous brunch at the Mellow Kitchen. This time, you can personalize your pancakes, so come and get crazy creative ! Formule ?
The Mellow Sisters, Noémie and Margaux, are more than just siblings: they're also best friends!
Noémie, 30, who holds a M. Sc. in Communication and a training in Management, initiated Mellow in 2012 and is in charge of its creative development.
Margaux, 27, former plumber and graduate in Public Relations, has been part of the Mellow adventure since the beginning. She's in charge of logistics but above all... of keeping Noémie structured.
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